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The laboratory did not want any of this known, especially by this committee. HB Specifies life sentence for defendants found guilty of first-degree murder but mentally ill. Doran, Joe Salgado, the lab's principal deputy director, and Casse Dickson, the lab's counsel, quickly and personally took over the management of the investigation. Doran to advise the Office of the UC President as it continues its investigation into management problems at the laboratory.

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Walp was told that he would be leveled with both barrels if he did not keep management happy and protect the lab's contract with the Department of Energy and, as we will hear later, he was leveled with both barrels. Markey is expected. There are still no basic controls. But I want to extend my personal welcome Rocuada the witnesses before us.

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The facts that this Committee's investigation has uncovered, which we will begin to explore today, reveal a troubling story of looting Rociadq the lab. You know that I've pointed out before that one of the essential functions of this Subcommittee is to cast a bright light on areas within the Full Committee's jurisdiction that are susceptible to waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars--and outright fraud and theft, as this case may be.

In order to restore the confidence of the nation, the lab has implemented numerous oversight changes involving administrative and business operations: The University has made sweeping management changes at Los Alamos, and Mexxico University administrators have taken on direct, personal responsibility for managing Los Alamos functions; President Atkinson has established an interim Oversight Board of University Regents and scientific experts to guide the Interim Director; All administrative and business operations will report to the University of California Office of the President, for the purpose of ensuring that the recommended changes to laboratory business practices are implemented in a timely and effective manner; the University has directed an External Review Team to expand its recently completed review of the Lab's purchase card system.

It takes place at a facility that our Nation trusts with some of our most sensitive information.

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Garcia, Cisneros, Feldman, Maes. Appendix O was added to the University's contract.

SCOR Carrizozo waste water plant. Udall of New Mexico who will be observing.

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What I find most astounding about this management and oversight mess, this fraud and theft and abuse, is that it takes place at such a vital facility. The determination to see these concerns addressed ultimately led to the current FBI investigation into the misuse of a government supply contract to buy personal camping and hunting equipment, among other things.

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We commend you for that. I find it astonishing that a laboratory that can develop the most advanced nuclear weapons systems on the face of the earth and technologies to rapidly detect radiological, biological or chemical attacks by terrorists cannot develop a system to simply keep track of its Rociasa property and prevent theft of government property by its own employees.

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They will recommend more changes. SCOR Willard municipal Mwxico renovations and street repairs. SB Adds auto theft, receiving and transferring stolen vehicles and fraudulently switching engine or other identification s to crime of racketeering. There are many universities, government agencies and businesses that can do research without letting their property management, procurement, travel and other systems be run like the proverbial cookie jar.

In fact, the Department of Energy does not require inventory controls for such items.

- investigation of management problems at los alamos national laboratory

We will insist that you be treated fairly and that anyone else who wants to assist us is not harmed in any way by their willingness to assist this committee in its work, and this country in solving the problems that are presented to us in this awful mess. Griego, Eisenstadt. Indeed, the most decisive action taken by the lab to deal with this issue was its decision to unceremoniously fire the two security officials who were aggressively investigating these instances of mismanagement, misuse and theft.

Department of Energy Sanchez, Rios. Ned, the procurement and property systems, but more importantly, the entire management of Los Alamos National Laboratory needs a complete overhaul. The facts that this committee and its investigation have uncovered, which we will begin to explore today, reveal a troubling story of looting at the lab.

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In fact, we'll Rocida today that the lab's management not only ignored this malfeasance, but in some cases actually tried to prevent others from exposing this malfeasance. Howes, Pinto, Fidel, etc. I was pleased that our committee--our committee letter insisting that you be rehired and put back on the job was honored and that you've had a Mexoco to follow through on your investigation. The same situation has been mentioned regarding purchase of a Mustang vehicle. We are also ed today by Mr.

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Barnette, General Counsel Reid P. Dickson had them fired based on a flimsy justifications, some of which they knew were false.

I am particularly pleased to welcome Mr. Sometimes it does just take a few good men and Ned, of course to set things right. We also must examine what our committee investigators have learned is a disturbing breakdown in management controls and oversight at, of all places, an institution that pursues research critical to the Nation's security.

John D.

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Smith, Cisneros. This hearing of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee will come to order. I very much look forward to hearing their testimony about their experiences at the lab when attempting to look into allegations of wrongdoing, and their suspicions as to why they were terminated from their positions.