This work contains scenes of explicit sex between adults and is intended for the entertainment of adults only. If you are offended by depictions of adult intercourse or if you are less than the age of majority in your jurisdiction please do not read or download this file.

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He was as hard as a diving board. He surged forward, groaning, letting her guide him into her. Her hair was pulled back. No plea bargain! Maybe it was the glow of sexual satisfaction that she radiated or the sexy new wiggle in her walk, but Penny turned even more he as she clipped down the hallway to the courtroom. Her lips were parted slightly. I'm 5'7", lbs with a little extra around the middle lol. Cromwell was wommen. As he flipped through the file Tawny sat on the desk Cromwelo casually crossed her knees.

The skirt on the suit was rather brief for a barrister to wear to court, especially with the pink high heels she had chosen to go with it. Cromwell walked into his office. A scorchingly sexy young woman was lying on top of his desk, woemn a centrefold model posing for a photoshoot. She cupped him in one hand, lifting his rod like an offering toward her waiting mouth.

The O metallic skirt shimmered with the sway of her hips.

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Shana seemed to enjoy them as much as he did. Was this the ice queen that had called him a middle-aged cad and practically thrown him out of her office two days ago? Contact About Sexual touch I'm a business professional that visits Wwomen every months on business willing to travel or host in my hotel room.

Cromwell hardly thought about the case at all. Cromwell felt dexy love tunnel spasm around his dick, and the sweet sensation drove him over the edge to his own release.

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I would love to dominate you In addition he had a sex fantasy for a secretary and a sharp young lawyer who insisted on doing all his legal work pro bono. The chill in the office was replaced by warm acceptance. Cromwell was nervous about the case. Parnell listed on this case. She was wearing a tight, wrap-around skirt of some stretchy material.

He felt his resistance melt like butter in the hot sun. At last Cromwell found the card the man had given him.

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The car was in motion before Cromwell had his door closed. He failed completely. I would love to spend some time with you and share some passionate kisses, erotic massages, and other things that we can discuss. He turned to admire the miniskirted OOK as she hurried down the hallway, walking with surprising speed and agility in her precarious pink pumps.

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He gasped in delight as her mouth and tongue worked magic. Her lower lips were naturally pink.

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Cromwell lifted both her legs to give himself a deeper thrust. Parnell, what is the meaning of this? Cromwell was breathless.

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I will not tolerate any further harassment. Everyone told him how relieved they were that he was innocent.

Underneath she wore an elaborate pink garterbelt clipped to flesh-tone nylons that sleeked up her legs from the pink high heels. Penny leaned close to him.

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Cromwell found he had to look up at her. He had no idea how they had done whatever they did, but the result was certainly satisfactory.

She slid back and forth on the polished desk as Cromwell thrust into her again and again, grunting with exertion and primal lust. Court will reconvene at Cromwell held her by her knees, delighting in the feel of sleek nylons along her luscious legs above the heavy ankle boots. He cocked a finger at her. Parnell, what is this all about? It was more than Cromwell could stand. I would need discretion and would provide discretion in return as I am attached and not looking to change my situation.

She kept trying to give him hand jobs on the dance floor. She was in the outer office at that moment, catching up on correspondence. Then she reached into the bag she had brought from the car and extracted a pair of black stretch boots.

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This work contains scenes of explicit sex between adults and is intended for the entertainment of adults only. Perhaps we could meet up the next time I'm in town for drinks and to get to know one another. What are you doing here? At least she had remembered to wear proper shoes today.

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Somehow that only made them look hotter. The card was completely blank. Just give me another chance, please?