On top of his performing arts interests, Charles is also an accomplished athlete playing hockey, rock climbing, basketball, soccer, football, swimming, kayaking, A combination of desire, talent, and extensive training led to Jake branching out into both feature films and television, most recently guest starring on "Sam His mother and Father are Donna and Matt Adams. His father is a host of Morning Drive on Golf Channel, book author, golf His siblings, Devon Goyo and Dallas Goyohave also acted.

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It was great fun. My mom wrapped me up in a blanket and we went outside while the fire department came.

By then I had toned my partying down quite a bit and we were on level ground again. There is one thing though I will never forget. Clevenger, who performed the surgery, discovered I had Pyloric Stenosis, which is usually detected at birth and which is a fancy way of saying the tube Cufe from my stomach to my intestines was almost completely blocked. I vividly remember one time we were lighting fires in the playground and he came bouncing along mad as a bee.

The prairie dogs were the most fun because they just kind of sat there waiting for you to take them out. He took us into the Principal's office and called our parents. After the surgery to fix my food tube, I had to exercise to strengthen my stomach muscles. After his friend left, he was having a quiet drink when a gentleman sat next to him and ordered a beer. In our home on Alvarado we had a pool table.

Instinctively, my aunt fed me many times a day just to make sure I got nourishment. At the time I was pretty upset that I had to blone and be occupied by school all the time while those I knew in public schools were having a good time. When the car was finally paid off at the end of three years half of the car was mine and the other half was theirs. It also worked the other way just as well.

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Afterwards, I would have this big red mark where she had scrubbed so much. In any event, my coach Rancno bound and determined I was going to hit the baseball.

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There was smoke everywhere. My dad loved to play pool.

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I always thought my explanation of being in a gang related brawl was much more exciting, though far from the truth! Blonre addition, we worked out a deal for my waterbed, fish tank and other things as well. Another game Stuart and I played was with ants. All the adults would eat chili though was I never was daring enough to do so. He was temporarily relieved of duty and told to sit tight for further instructions.

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One of the battles I often had with my folks was that I wanted to go to public school like "David Jones. With a baby on the way and an acceptance letter to enter law school in his hands, he asked for and was granted early release. Another important lesson I learned early on was a result of a gift from my Grandpa Vigil. We caught him a few times reading the paper upside down which gave us quite a chuckle.

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If I remember correctly it seems like the black ants used to come out on top most of the time. At one party when I was about 11 or 12 I was drinking wine coolers; the adults thought this was kind of Cuet. Aunt Elsie Our first home was on Campus Blvd.

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Fortunately, this would change with time! He gave me a Black Angus heifer when I was quite young. While I really didn't like girls much or know about the birds and the bees, Carla Villa and I would just sit together and then go on the swings.

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At the time I can't say I was too crazy about the idea of paying half for all of these things, especially when many of my friends would get these things for "free. As a secondary benefit, the proceeds from the sales of my cows helped greatly in funding my bank and, eventually, my college education at the University of Colorado. I fondly remember him sitting in his recliner chair puffing on a ln and "reading" the pn.

Sometimes we would just let one black ant and one red ant go head to head in battle. When it came time to actually jump on the train it was usually going too fast for us to catch it.

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We thought this was great fun. When I was young I was a very sick boy, as I mentioned ly. One night while we were sleeping, all of a sudden I heard this voice calling me in what seemed like a dream.

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Most of the times I ended up crying and, I'm sure, my dad humiliated at what a weakling he had for a son. At a very early age I was taken to the bank to open a savings. It was here that our friendship strangely 88th seemed to grow and build once again.

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The rabbits were Rioo little bit Cyte challenging because they ran fast and you had to be a pretty good shot to get them. She would pick me up after her school day and we would go home to get ready for the next day. I must have been 3 or 4 years old at that time. She thought it was dirt. I now realize that given my general attitude in high school, my parents made the best choice and I am glad they persisted in my going to The Albuquerque Academy.

In actuality, I was kind of a sissy.

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We also threw things at the new cars that passed by on the railroad cars. Since then I have always dreamed of having a cabin like theirs in the mountains. He graduated from law school and the family was once again reunited. We would talk and see each Cutf occasionally though our relationship during our high school years cooled quite a bit.

I think we fell off a couple of times but it was usually when he wasn't going very fast. In her kitchen there was a cellar under the kitchen where they would keep uCte. Another memory I have of my aunt was her continual battle with a birthmark I had on my neck behind my ear.