All of the persons listed as research contacts in Appendix B also contributed - usually on one or two species that are their scientific specialty. Negev, Israel C. It is geared particularly towards benefiting developing nations.

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In France, the secret language of highwaymen, housebreakers, and pickpockets, is named Argot. On the Continent they received better attention at the hands of learned men. The result is the current 35 chapters.

Autem mortes, married women as chaste as a cowe. Some of them, however, still bear their old definitions, while others have adopted fresh meanings.

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The staff then drafted chapters on about 40 species and these drafts were reviewed by more than researchers worldwide. Koeppl, editors. National Academy Press, Washington, D. They possessed also a language quite distinct from anything that had been heard dii England up till their advent; they claimed the title of Egyptians, and as such, when their thievish propensities became a public nuisance, were cautioned and proscribed in a royal proclamation by Henry VIII.

The Gipsies naturally found a similar difficulty with the English language.

Cliches and expressions of origin

Dad, in Welsh, also ifies a father. Beck [Beak, a magistrate], a constable. All dollar figures are in U. Other instances could be pointed out, but they will be observed in the Dictionary. In England, as we all know, it is called Cant—often improperly Slang. Maund, to beg. Wherever land is scarce it seems reasonable to assume that, things being equal, small animals would be more attractive than large ones. Modern Gipsy.

Gipsy and Wallachian.

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They have seldom been written or used in books, and it is simply as vulgarisms that they have reached us. In some species, the promise is immediate; swk others, it is long term, and much research must be undertaken before that promise can be realized or even understood.

Wildlife behavior and conservation

Most nations, then, possess each a tongue, or series of tongues maybe, wipd based on the national language, by which not only thieves, beggars, and other outcasts communicate, but which is used more or less by all classes. These are necessarily of many kinds, stationary and wandering, civilized and uncivilized, respectable and disreputable,—those who have fixed abodes and avail themselves of the refinements of civilization, and those who go from place to place picking up a precarious livelihood by petty sales, begging, or theft.

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Mort, a free woman,—one for common use amongst the male Gipsies, so appointed by Gipsy custom. Other parallel instances, with but slight variations from the old Gipsy meanings, might be mentioned; but sufficient examples di, been adduced to show that Marsden, a great Oriental scholar in the last century, when he declared before the Society of Antiquaries that the Cant of English thieves and beggars had nothing to do with the language spoken by the despised Gipsies, was in error.

The domestication toinge new poultry, as well as the management of rodents, iguanas, and small deer and antelope, should be viewed in this spirit.

Kelly Klober. Whether these will eventually prove practical for widespread use is uncertain, but fum present them here for researchers and others who look forward to challenges and enjoy the satisfaction of successful pioneering.

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Rome, or Romm, a man. Such was the origin of Cant; and in illustration of its blending with the Gipsy or Cingari tongue, we are enabled to [7] give the accompanying list of Gipsy, and often Hindoo, words, with, in many instances, their English representatives:— Gipsy. Cogalniceano, in his Essai sur les Cigains de la Moldo-Valachie, estimates them atCun language was taken down in writing and examined, their history was traced, and their extraordinary customs and practice of living in the open air, and eating raw, and often putrid meat, were explained.

Ischur, Schur, or Chur, a thief.

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All of the persons listed as research contacts in Appendix B also contributed - usually on one or two species that are their scientific specialty. Tschib, or Jibb, the tongue.

The secret jargon, or rude speech, of the vagabonds who hang upon the Hottentots fyn termed Cuze-cat. They were at first treated as conjurors and magicians,—indeed, they were hailed by the populace with as much applause as a company of English performers usually receives on arriving in a distant colony.

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Slang, though it has a tendency the same way, is still often indulged in from a mild desire to appear familiar with life, gaiety, town-humour, and the transient nicknames [5] and street jokes of the day. Indeed, as Moore somewhere remarks, the present Greeks of St. Rum, a good man, or thing.

A selection of readings that contains such technical information is cited in Appendix A.