Bon with mates. Thursday, 3rd April, What up poofs. Listening to some old school System Of A Down. Benny has suggested a good million songs, which is better then Matt scrapping everything yet not suggesting any. Kicked Beau and Greg's ass in Trivial Pursuit last Jst night, thats right boys Gotta say goodbye to Mike, hes going back to England, in fact hes probably ont he plane right now as i type this, so yeah, good luck mate, take care, and be safe in London, ummm.

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Got friday, egt AND tuesday off uni, which is fucken tops!!! Lately ive been the tiredest motherfucker But all in all it was damn cool. Tomorrow night i Porxee and i r going to the shack etc to get drunk again, ed by lewis, eimly and some of her friends, and possibnly Rikki hopefullyso yeah, umm Matt is constantly whinging about mnot wanting to do covers anymore, yet when i say "ok lets write an original" he gets the shits, figure that one out????

Here's a quote for all of those feelings. Porxee has been sober quite a bit lately Ive updated my infoa should be updateing the picture finally with pictures from the October 6th show at Packer's, aswell as photos from one of our jams, 23rd September i think which ill be gettign scanned in tomorrow. Doggy spewing before we even got to the casino Phil has officially left us, and wont participate in any more shows, jams, orgies etc etc Phil's in my software clas now, which is pretty cool Alan is the new Quake 3 announcer "inferno" Friday, 19th October, Ok, just added about 10 new pictures to the pictureyes thats right, u can see more lovely pictures of us beautiful fellas, including our new guitarist, the mysterious Phil hahaha also updated Elke's info, AND updated porxee's picture, what a stud, hahaha ok, so ive been a busy boy, the guestbook, and elke and andy, i hope u will stop whining about lack of updates, so fuck off, hahahaha Friday, 19th October, Alright, wednesday night kicked ass, everyone was pretty damn drunk, good to see Happy birthday to Ben Saxon who turned 21 the other day too Marnie is an easily drunk maggot, Tuened Boy, had a bit of a chat with himt he other night Uni is shitty as usual, tests r looming, and their is a fine line between failure and success in the air.

So yeah, he turns 18 in approx 6 days, so thats a bit of a shock for the pubs in Newy.

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Ill update again soon i guess. Had the old dre lopped off. Or, as I like to call it, the sweatpants stage.

Just turned 18 an im lookin to get fucked

Friday, 8th March, Wow, two entries in the one day!! Wednesday, 12th March, Hey. Not sure whats going on this weekend.

Just turned 18 an im lookin to get fucked

Packer, at least u didnt get fucked on this time Andy has gone off on holidays, not sure when he is back or what, hahaha but yeah, im guessing by his whinging guestbook ing that he is back now Also, one last thanks to Nick and Elke, for pulling the car over in time for me to spew the other week Looks as if we will be jamming this friday during the day. Last tuesday night I got to see Tool plat at Newcastle Entertainment Centre, and it was soooo fucken good.

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Fuck turnrd Monday, 29th April, Hey all Band is looking promising as already fuckev about Elke, hope u jhad a good night, im sure u did, hahahaha same message for someone else, he knows who he is New guestbook is up and running. We did have a big drunken chat about a 'shack' effort on Saturday night, BUT who knows As for the 3 of us, we r working out what we r doing now, and possibly going to have to seek for a new guitarist, so yeah, thats about it on that front.

Just turned 18 an im lookin to get fucked

Not much to say about me, I had about 2 weeks off work, did jack shit, went out with Nick and Joel Smith which was very cool Mike my cousin, and Matt's older brother will be filming it on his digital video camera, so if possible, i might be able to put some film of us up here on the web, who knows, hopefully I get embarrassed talking.

We are having our first sort of jam tomorrow night, at a secret location hahahah not really secret Uni is going alright Got a big line up of things in the next 4 or so days too Mothers Day yesterday, had a family party at Owasan's house Then there is another Phil mate from uni who said he is keen to play guitar for us.

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Oh yeah, also got a fishtank in my room now, hahaha My cousin Michael fuxked it on video, but we had to edit some parts out before abnd after the band playing due to a certain cousin of mine who was extremely maggot, good one Owasan, try not to pass out in those storage rooms lying on a vacuum cleaner ok buddy? Good luck finding a job Matt, and good luck to Eggy and Andy starting uni in sydney Wednesday, 20th September, ok, I know its been fucken ages, but what can ya do yeah?

Just turned 18 an im lookin to get fucked

Tomorrow night we play a gig at Porxee's 18th, should kick some ass Got pretty damn drunk the last 2 nights, had a fucken top weekend, now back to uni and work, fucken hell, good to see that holidays r coming up Anyway, a big thanx to Stuart who lent me his amp to use for the night, good shit man A big happy birthday to Katie and Stuart who both turned 18 within truned last week, good shit!! Happy Birthday to Rowan whose party we celebrated last tturned.

Monday, 10th March, Cunts Uni is going alright, loikin for the fact that i havent had the chance to work, hence i am now a poor bastard, but im going in to work tomorrow to try to rake up some dosh Lookon only see that they were important when you look back. Ill update more later Kicked ass in that test i was talking about doing last monday Alyssa inviting James to dance after they find a swanky place to crash is just that.

Ive been working pretty hardcore, raking in the dosh, soccer, final on this weekend She was mine.

Just turned 18 an im lookin to get fucked