This is of course the 20 - 98 Yamaha Vor Bridge to bridge the ultimate ski race held in New Zealand and one of the best anywhere in the world and look out. We're going live to the big screen already and I'm ed up here by country royalty. You're trying to make ourselves look smaller.

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U.s. ski season starts tonight with a-basin opening first

You know soiing the what's the plan? He brought my family out here with his family and we camped out here and let me just show you guys how it went.

The life out of it do whatever you like do whatever you need. It's definitely not.

Take you guys underwater with us to this land actually to this land right here but we got Brandon Joy over there. Come up binocular he's in for a shocker.

We're literally turn around and come straight back so so well the time we get a risky sorry I start from one to the other. I think we got Yamaha engine inside of the other way around for one of them say yeah. Bass must be football season.

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Jumping with Jordan Oh, gosh, I don't know how to get that you got this. Keys a wrap, We're not gonna head over to the ruins.

He hasn't got anyone to blame but himself that would be a good one to talk about tonight. Mini fridge mini fridge stuff that Red Bull You think this is all like really. We're rolling partjer on battery Mcintosh look at the size of this bad boy. It looks like we got a couple of the light entries that I wasn't aware of say yeah.

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We have made it to Passage Key tnight you guys know about this area, it's got a nickname if you know the nickname drop it in the comments. Why can't I say blasting in the late bathroom with these things that I pushed big big s and they gonna love this driver course.

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Pete Marshall He's campaigning in the under category. It's gonna be back out here with you guys.

First League I guess and then yeah not too long. There's 11 thing that we can do here and that's give it a good.

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They feel better so they are yeah wanting to get out of the White water and get some clear River in front of them and that was probably one of patrner cleanest stats. Yeah help me out there. What's up buddy?

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Get ready to dive in. Skyway Bridge Beautiful structure guys if you have not been out here, you know the sunshine Skyway Bridge is big, but when you get underneath it, you realize how big it is.

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Just for the show trying to get the nose down a little bit so good to see them. Here's where one of the cannons was these are so cool. An equalizer and Chris Palace riding driving the Sonic bite so each other down maybe just clean just hang behind me and we'll get the stat right. Brandon just chilling on the Beach booby bitch.

Oh that here we go here.

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Which is gonna be a bit of fun for the boys so yeah, we're actually hoping that it's nice and nice and windy and rough cuz we're down a little bit of horsepower than what we had yesterday. They all got out on the they'll tryna for position.

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It's gonna be all on and You know we gotta go. So in three minutes time, we'll have two flags on the rotunda the starting return and two minutes after that, we'll be looking for our first couple of boats, which is full speed driven by Jeff Week and infrared. Roscoe at the back here, so he's obviously already having issues with the turbo Catch, he's actually keeping a close eye on this competition that looks like a little frame as he's young fella out there with him.

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Or and for jump start to actually see a flag down there. Let me get on your shoulders. Key drop it in the comments This is Brandon's first time out here. Looling

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So it's it's a quick bite this editorial board as we see the fish. There's a legitimate hole. They just start unfortunately, but coming through down the list. Of course, the board was attitude online attitude so online contracting z come on board.

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I was born to be taught by was good. Yeah, let's do it that way as well. It is right there on the farm.

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She is in all her glory look at that. I'm not sure if you get them here in New Zealand, there's no we don't not on the River. Who alright guys? They sure if you want a calibrate your watches, you can use Ellen Bedford as skiihg guide because he's very really gets it wrong.

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