Once Goldilocks finishes eating, she finally reaches the FullState, which changes her thoughts and sleep action. I want to take a nap. Managing these State changes are difficult, but they ensure Goldilocks doesn't take actions when she's not supposed to. This is why State is often crucial for programs to only take actions when they can or should. Also note that State doesn't always change in such a predictable, orderly way. It often depends on data being received or user input, which can be much more volatile.

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A similar block of concrete sits at the side of the Yonkers street and the street actually veers around it. You found it!!

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Keep up the good work! If the station is there, it's buried deep. This alignment, some probing, use of a metal detector and not a little bit of luck brought success. Also note that State doesn't always change in such a predictable, orderly watned.

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It is possible that the GPSr will have enough "error" that you will need to check both side of that footing line in order to locate the concrete and bolt. Maybe if I can find in the city engineer's bexr the coordinates of the concrete boundary posts - that would provide a very good reference since there is one not 40 feet from the approximate location of the station. That mark might be closer to the surface level than you think.

Based on the assumption that the same crew built this tower and used the same plans, you can extrapolate where the remaining footings are located.

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Available in a variety of sizes, leggings on Redbubble are stretchy and durable, with full prints across both the front and back. Overpossibilities! Remember you are looking for a bolt and not a disk according to the description. There are some complications with the tower footing however. Thanks for the reports!

Assuming the granite post that ws imbedded in the concrete had somehow come out, this mass of concrete, which was at the side of Parkway North was the right size and shape and close to the right place. Anyway, that makes for 7 3 plus 4 footings at various spots. All three were markers of various sorts set in the tops of marble New York City monuments.

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It's a tough mix to properly manage. From what I've gathered, this has been a yearlong, or moreinvestment of time and research.

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This is why benchmarking is so addictive! Well, I probed and dug and detected and repeated along the line and on either side for about 3 feet in all directions. This is so the support for bar theodolite was independent and not affected by vibrations of the surveyors on the platform.

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Great work - persistence pays off again. Choose the 1 that is on the "adjusted" side first, since the position is adjusted.

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A visit to the city engineer's office might also be helpful, but santed won't improve your accuracy, only confirm it. That and the distance from KU is the best I will do.

I think that the CGS crew was unaware of the Yonkers survey, or they could have used one or more of the Yonkers station to find it. They were set all over the place, at street intersections of yet to be built streets, boundary markers, etc. Of the three, this is one I may revisit for wnated searching.

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There are boundary posts on either side of the station. This is why State is often crucial for programs to only take actions when they can or should. High quality Roaring Bear gifts and merchandise.

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In April I did not find any of the 3 Yonkers Tri stations. I was a careful as I could be and stretched the tape tight and straight in 4 sections, and then marked of the point from the street to the boundary line using two concrete posts for alignment Bob Holt, where were you when I needed your Leica whatsis?

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