Group started in November Website created on 9 Jan Bring your own mug and morning tea. Hot drinks will be provided by Sue and Doug. Opens in new window. Feel free to suggest new ones or choose your favorite.

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Thanks for coming everyone, see you next week at Sonetime Beach. Unfortunately my Strava shat itself and just drew a line across the peninsula to the finish, ignoring the 2km I paddled around Lake Macquarie. A very enjoyable morning in the kayak, with a few newish paddlers. Nikki went all the way around Pelican Island, so good for her. It was so cold under the picnic shelter that we soon gave up and went home.

Thanks everyone for coming, and thanks as usual to Sue and Doug for providing all the comforts of home, and to everyone else who brought delicious food.

So we got him sorted with Alan volunteering to take Rolf home, with his kayak. At this rate we'll be getting a reputation as serious paddlers. At about Sue Ssometime socially distanced kayaking morning saw about 20 faithful front at Cams Wharf on Lake Macquarie. But a good time was had by all, just the same. I suggested mouth-to-mouth, but Ray didn't think it would work, what with the rigor mortis and everything. The weather was perfect which is reflected in each and every photo.

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Knut's Youtube videos are here! Always works! Some of the kayakers today were Bill with a huge dragon boat medal from South Australia, Nikki, John back from his cruise, Dennis, Bob, Jill and Trevor, Caroline and Graham also back less then a week from their latest adventureand many others who I missed as late finding the new venue! If you would like to the seedling growers group all materials provided please contact Trish ph Harry's and Bob's photos will appear as usual on our FaceBook Group herebut without any captions.

Initially the weather was perfect with very little breeze and sunny. As always, afternoon tea is provided free of charge. Thanks to those who helped me get in the water, though I did get out by myself.

Happy birthday for next week, Harry! If there's ever an earthquake. It's a big lake!

Paddle was from Wyong to Tuggerah Lake and return. Danny Shingle-splitters Point, which we didn't reach, but we could see it. Nothing like Wallarah Creek.

Good exercise for all. Well done those boys!

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We paddled up to the causeway totalling 12km. There were a lot of kids taht the Sports camp, SUP paddleboarding and sailing on very neat little cats, probably Hobe Waves - looked like fun! Danny San Remo, Wallarah Creek - 27 August Another lovely sunny morning at San Remo, with about 18 kayakers present, and a few more for morning tea.

Warners Bay wanted that can host sometime today

Others paddled further north on the lake. With a good serving of seaweed, and plenty of fish splashing around. More photos are on our club FaceBook Group here.

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Danny Jennifer at Patonga - 9 April Tuesday 9 April - Patonga No personal report today as I wasn't there, but by all s everyone had a wonderful time up Patonga Creek, and took some amazing photos of the birdlife there. All the beautiful photos from today are on our club FaceBook Group here. A little challenging but all good, no rain to speak of, so very enjoyable. An alliterative good time was had by all.

More photos are on our FaceBook Club here. Add coconut milk and puree with a stick blender adding more water until desired consistency is reached. There were also a few friendly humans there, whereas Wallarah Creek has none of these things.

Warners Bay wanted that can host sometime today